Frank & Dudley Hale

Dudley G. Hale

Dudley G. Hale is a legend in the helicopter business. As a scout pilot in Vietnam, he flew with the 1/9th, First Cavalry Division. He was shot down twice and had two forced landings. Dudley retired with 15,000 hours in all types of helicopters, including giant Cranes. He fought fires in Greece, flew seismic in the Rockies and Alaska. He has saved many people in the process, at great risk to himself. Dudley lives in Northern California with his wife, Diann and daughter, Mhari. He is proud of his sons Baden, Brandon, and Dylan. Dudley’s songs tell his life story.

Frank George Hale

Frank George Hale is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He has written numerous screenplays and developed projects for television. Joseph Heller, Robert Altman, and Sam Peckinpah, greatly influenced him in film and the written word. Runaway-6 is Frank’s first book. Other creative projects are in the works. His two children, Bethany and Justin, are a constant source of inspiration. Justin is a Marine Corps veteran of Iraq.

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